May 16

Hack For CoMo Coming June 22nd!

A new event from the fine folks at Museao is starting this year. It’s a 12 hour hackathon with the goal of creating apps that could be used in the community.

Personally, this is something I’m really excited to see happen. I think a lot of us have wanted a place to work on a cool project and do something fun that might also do some good as well. 

Here’s more details:

The League of Innovators will be hosting an event called Hack for Good June 22nd, a 12-hour hackathon focused on projects that benefit the community! The event will be on June 22, 6pm-6am at Museao.  There will be a few creative community projects for people to choose from or if people would prefer, they can work on their own projects and hang out with other developers!  Tickets will be $15 to buy food and copious amounts of caffeine.  All profits will be donated to the Heart of Missouri United Way. 

You can sign up for the event here:


Apr 10

April 10th Hack Como

We’ll be there like always, working on something classy.

6pm at Bambino’s, in the back. Come get a free brew!

Mar 20

March 20th Meetup @ 6pm

Another night of pure hacking fun at Bambinos in the back room. We’ll be there before 6pm and won’t be leaving until good and late. Enjoy a few brews and some great food. Let’s build something!

Mar 13

HackComo 3/13 at Bambinos, 6PM

HackCoMo is on for tonight. Same time and place. Hope to see you there.

Mar 05

HackCoMo Take Two 3/6 at Bambinos!

Last week we had a pretty good turn out for the inaugural HackCoMo. Roughly 15 folks showed up to hack on personal projects of various sorts. (above picture swiped lovingly from James Carr’s blog)

So this week we’re doing it again. Same time, same place.

On Tuesday, March 6th at 6pm come out to Bambinos to work on whatever projects you’d like. 

Here’s a few of the projects worked on last time out:

I know there were more projects so tweet at HackCoMo and I’ll post them.

We’d like to encourage some collaboration so if anyone has ideas for a specific project that subsets of the group could work on together that would be great. 

See you tomorrow!

Feb 27

Inaugural HackCoMo Night - 2/28

The first ever HackCoMo event is happening tomorrow at Bambinos at 6PM. 

What is HackCoMo?

HackCoMo is a group of Columbia developers who get together to work on open source projects, side projects, and in general get together to work with other developers in the community. 

Who should come?

Anyone who does web development or is interested in getting started with web development. Amateur to Professionals welcome. The only requirement is that you build something.

No sneaky business guys trying to get free work. 

Why should you come?

It’ll be a dandy good time. Plus Jamie Canine from The Add Sheet has lined up some awesome drink specials. But you need to be there before 6:05 PM if you want to take advantage. 

What should I work on?

Anything you’d like. If you have a side project, a school project, or any other type of project go for it. We like to encourage open-source contributions as well so consider this a good time to give back to the community.

If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry. There will be plenty of ideas and projects for you to jump in and assist with.

How long does it last?

We’ll hack as long as people want to stick around and hack. 

Any more questions?

Tweet us questions at twitter.com/hackcomo!

Feb 17

Introducing HackCoMo

HackCoMo is a weekly hacker meetup in Columbia, Missouri. The greatest place on earth. 

Each week we get together to hack on different open source projects, experiment with new tools, and meet other developers in town all over a pint of beer.